Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies

Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies proudly stands as an exclusive representative partner across the United Arab Emirates, serving as the essential link between suppliers and buyers. With over 45 years of invaluable experience, we offer our airline partners a pathway to profitability. Our commitment is reflected in dedicated offices and expert staff assigned to each of our online principal carriers, ensuring seamless operations. Recognized as a local company with a global footprint, Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies embodies the perfect blend of localized expertise and international presence, facilitating unparalleled service in the dynamic realm of travel and shipping.

In short, Al Rais Travel and Shipping Agencies are committed to our principal’s full satisfaction.

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Al Rais Travel Agencies

Al Rais Travel Agencies LLC, a well-reputed travel agency network with many branches across the UAE, providing innovative & cost-effective travel solutions (including holiday packages) to business and leisure travelers to all parts of the world. Our expertise in sourcing, planning and implementation provides our clients with viable options to their requirements. With a strong global networking and reliable service providers in place.

Our Corporate & Retail Travel Management Solutions offer the entire range of travel products & Services. Services that goes an extra mile.

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Al Rais Tours & Holidays

Al Rais Holidays, one of the largest providers of UAE visa and a wide range of inbound & outbound tourism activities. Our strong alliance with government entities in the UAE helps us to develop an exceptional relationship with people from all walks of life as well as with many tourism boards across the globe giving us a niche position in the UAE.

Discover your next great unforgetable adventure with Al Rais Holidays , become an explorer to get started!

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Al Rais Cargo Agencies

Since 1983, Al Rais Cargo today is one of the largest independent cargo agencies in the UAE.

Providing Cargo and Freight Forwarding services to destinations worldwide with strategically located offices and warehouses in Dubai and other Emirates. Al Rais Cargo offers a diversified range of freight services and all other associated value added services.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified company confirming our commitment to quality and specialized in warehousing, Supply chain management, 3rd party logistics, International Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Project Cargo, Cross Trades, Packing and Removals, Insurance.

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Al Rais Rent a Car

AL Rais Rent A Car LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a fleet of superior dealer-maintained vehicles ranging from saloon cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks and buses. Fully owned by UAE nationals, the Al Rais Investment is renowned for its professional attitude and unwavering commitment to associates and customers. With a strong foothold in diverse businesses such as travel & tourism, cargo, trading & retailing and real estate, the group focuses on exceeding expectations of its discerning customers. Offering a smart fleet of top models from leading manufacturers, our clientele spans various nationalities. Equipped with the highest safety features, our fleet is serviced regularly to ensure that customers get optimum performance. The fleet includes sedans, 4WDs and vans.

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Kangaroo Delivery Services

Kangaroo Delivery Services is specialized in delivery service across the United Arab Emirates. We deliver parcels, products, food, in addition to receiving products from dealers and delivering them to their customers. We also ensure to follow all the security and safety measures regarding your parcels, products and gifts delivered with no damages. We have suitable vehicles that match and meet your needs with the capability of transporting products or food in an appropriate way. Moreover, our hard working employees always assure to deal with the customers politely with respect and privacy while receiving and delivering their orders.

We serve sectors like Food delivery, E-commerce, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Retail brands, Online brands, Home business etc.

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Al Rais Real Estate

Al Rais Real Estate, a notable player in the UAE's real estate sector, commenced operations in 1986. Since then, the company has made a significant mark by developing a variety of buildings and residential compounds across the UAE. The portfolio showcases an impressive spread of properties, catering to diverse needs. Beyond construction, Al Rais has strategically acquired lands throughout the country, reflecting a strong vision for investment and future expansion. These acquisitions underscore their commitment to growth and innovation in the real estate landscape. Al Rais Real Estate's journey, marked by strategic development and expansion, continues to shape the urban fabric of the UAE.