Mohamed Jassim Al Rais

Chairman and CEO

Being part of the owner's family, Mohamed's journey with Al Rais business began in 2002 with his active participation in the Management Development Program. His academic achievements include a graduation from American University, Sharjah in 2006, followed by completing a Leadership Program at London Business School, London, and Barclay University, San Francisco. Additionally, he has earned an IATA Management certification.

Al Rais Investment, as an entity, holds ownership in several companies, including Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies LLC, Al Rais Travel Agencies LLC, Al Rais Tours & Holidays LLC and Al Rais Cargo LLC. This extends to Al Rais Rent a Car LLC, Kangaroo Delivery Services, and Al Rais Real Estates.

Mr. Mohamed also contributes significantly to the industry through his roles as the Honorary Chairman of the Dubai Travel & Tour Agent Group (DTTAG), Vice Chairman of the Dubai Rental Car Group, and as the Chairman of LIDE EMIRATES in the UAE. Additionally, he is part of the advisory board for the Arabian Travel Market (ATM). His active participation as a member of the Dubai Economy & Tourism Stakeholders Committee further underscores his commitment to the sector.

Ahmad Jassim Al Rais

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With over a decade of experience in government organizations, including significant roles at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the Ministry of Economy, Ahmad has established a solid foundation in operational leadership. Following his impactful tenure in the public sector, he transitioned to the family business as the Group Chief Operating Officer (COO). In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Ahmad is a passionate entrepreneur with a keen interest in innovation and art. Over the past few years, he has successfully launched several startups which reflect his dedication to fostering creativity and pioneering new paths in the business world. His entrepreneurial ventures demonstrate his commitment to exploring new ideas and contributing to the vibrant landscape of innovation.

Samir Yousef

Director of Operations

Samir Yousef is an accomplished operations leader, boasting 14 years of diverse experience across multinational organizations in various industries including travel, telecom, logistics, and last-mile delivery. He has held roles at Emirates Airline and Etisalat. Samir is particularly adept at creating detailed business plans and working closely with teams to ensure their precise execution. His ability to translate complex strategies into actionable plans has consistently driven operational excellence. In addition to his extensive professional experience, Samir has furthered his knowledge through academic pursuits. He has completed several studies and courses at Lincoln University, alongside engaging in educational programs at Harvard Business School, which have enriched his understanding of global business practices and leadership strategies.

Tanveer Ahmed

Senior Financial Controller

Tanveer is an experienced professional with over 10 years in various financial roles, skilled in Financial Management, Auditing, and more. Renowned for his innovative problem-solving and efficiency, he excels in demanding environments. His expertise includes internal audits, detailed report preparation, and managing complex corporate affairs.

In terms of academic and professional qualifications, Tanveer holds the distinction of being a certified Public Accountant (CPA). He has also been awarded the title of Associate Financial Accountant (AFA) by the Institute of Financial Accountants in the UK (IFA) and MIPA by the Institute of Public Accountants in Australia. These prestigious designations, accredited by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), underscore his profound knowledge and commitment to the field of finance, making him a key asset to Alrais Investment LLC.