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Established in 1976 by the visionary, the late Mr. Jassim Al Rais, Al Rais Investment swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a key player in the vibrant business landscape of the United Arab Emirates. Today, the group stands as one of the foremost commercial entities in the country, boasting a diversified portfolio that spans across pivotal sectors, including general trade, travel and tourism, real estate, logistics, business services, and car rental.

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Journey of success

Embracing Triumphs: A Decade-by-Decade Chronicle of Al Rais Investment Company's Unwavering Success.


Establishment of Al Rais Trading Agencies

In 1976, Al Rais Trading took its first strides, marking the establishment of a dynamic enterprise that would grow to define excellence in the years to come.


Launch of Al Rais Travel and Shipping Agencies

In 1976, Al Rais expanded its horizons with the launch of Al Rais Travel and Shipping Agencies, setting sail on a new venture that would navigate the realms of travel and logistics.


Inception of Al Rais Travel Agencies

In 1978, Al Rais Travel agencies took flight, marking the inception of a journey that would redefine the travel experience. This milestone encapsulates the commitment to crafting memorable journeys and offering unparalleled travel solutions, setting the stage for decades of excellence in the travel industry.


Al Rais Real Estate initiated its operations in the UAE

In 1986, Al Rais Real Estate planted the seeds of its operations in the UAE, embarking on a journey to shape the landscape of real estate. This pivotal milestone reflects the commencement of a legacy dedicated to transforming spaces and creating enduring value in the dynamic real estate sector.


Establishment of Al Rais Rent A Car

In 2002, Al Rais Rent A Car was established, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing convenient and reliable mobility solutions. This venture set the wheels in motion for a journey focused on delivering top-notch rental services and exceptional customer experiences.


Introduction of Al Rais Trucks Rental

In 2007, Al Rais Trucks Rental rolled onto the scene, introducing a new chapter in our commitment to versatile transportation solutions. This milestone signifies our dedication to meeting diverse logistical needs, offering a fleet of reliable trucks to empower businesses and drive success.


Al Rais Rent A Car has completed the acquisition of the UAE franchise for Green Motion, a renowned international car rental company

In 2019, Al Rais Rent A Car achieved a milestone by successfully acquiring the UAE franchise for Green Motion, a globally recognized car rental company. This strategic move marked a significant step in expanding our services, bringing eco-friendly and innovative mobility solutions to our valued customers in the United Arab Emirates.


Establishment of Kangaroo Delivery Services

In 2021, Al Rais Investment ventured into a new era with the establishment of Kangaroo Delivery Services. This milestone reflects our commitment to meeting evolving logistical needs, providing swift and reliable delivery solutions tailored for the modern age.


Formation of Al Rais Investment

In 2023, Al Rais Investment emerged as a strategic milestone, unifying the diverse portfolio of Al Rais Investment companies under one umbrella. This marks a pivotal moment in our journey, consolidating our strengths and synergies to drive comprehensive growth and excellence across various sectors.

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