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The late Mr. Jassim Al Rais, may he rest in peace, is the visionary behind the establishment of Al Rais Investment. His innate leadership qualities propelled him to navigate the realm of entrepreneurship in the Emirates with unwavering determination. Widely recognized as a symbol of resilience and aspiration in the business arena, Mr. Jassim Al Rais initiated his journey in the field of general trade in the early seventies, progressing steadily with humility and confidence. Ultimately, he achieved the milestone of founding the inaugural companies under the Al Rais Investment banner, starting with the establishment of "Al Rais Trading Agencies" in 1976, followed by the inception of "Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies" in the same year. Subsequently, in 1978, the group emerged, encompassing Al Rais Travel Agencies, which evolved into one of the premier travel agencies in the United Arab Emirates. The subsequent year saw the establishment of Al Rais Travel Agency. In 1990, Al Rais Tours & Holidays Company commenced its journey towards success and distinction.

Mr. Jassim Al Rais continued to expand his business, establishing Al Rais Rent A Car in 2002, and in 2007, Al Rais Trucks Rental Company was launched. His superiority and the sustainability of his success were evident in the establishment of the “Kangaroo Delivery Services” in 2021. Finally, the “Al Rais Investment LLC” came in 2023 to own all the companies of the late founder, “Mr. Jassim Al Rais,” may God have mercy on him.

Mr. Jassim Al Rais exemplified courage and fearlessness in the face of challenges, demonstrating a remarkable ability to make tough decisions with unwavering determination and bravery. Despite his resolute nature, he possessed a compassionate heart and nurtured a vision to extend his noble objectives for the betterment of the Emirati community. Recognizing the pivotal role of people in shaping a thriving society, he consistently endeavored to address their needs throughout his life, channeling his investments in a purposeful and sustainable manner.

In honor of his esteemed legacy, the emblem of the "Al Rais Investment," culminating with the letter "J," now bears profound significance derived from the initials of "Mr. Jassim Al Rais," symbolizing his boundless ambition and courage.



We embrace the concept of ongoing pursuit and the inexorable journey towards our goals. Continuously, we strive to broaden our business ventures across diverse fields, venturing into new investments while upholding the foundational principles of our founder — honesty, respect, credibility and innovation, which form an integral part of our identity.

Our aspiration is to meet the expectations of both our customers and partners across various sectors. We are dedicated to earning their trust through mutual support, fostering growth, and advancing together on both personal and societal fronts.

Mohamed Jassim Al Rais
Chairman and CEO

About Al Rais Investment

Established in 1976 by the late Mr. Jassim Al Rais, Al Rais Investment swiftly ascended to become a leading business conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates. Presently, it stands as one of the country's foremost commercial entities, boasting a diverse portfolio spanning general trade, travel and tourism, real estate, logistics, business services, and car rental.

The commitment of Al Rais Investment to uphold the highest standards of service and excellence is evident in its stellar reputation, solidifying its status as a institution synonymous with quality and reliability. While our primary objective is financial success, our overarching goal extends to enhancing the lives of the communities in which we operate.

The enduring roots of Al Rais Investment, anchored in integrity and dedication, are instrumental in its continuous expansion across various industries. This progression is driven by the indomitable spirit and values of its founder, Mr. Jassim Al Rais, underscoring our unwavering commitment to advancement and a positive impact on the future.


Al Rais Investment aspires to provide all innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the market and society, while adhering to the principles of integrity and ethics in all aspects of its business and following the approach set by the founder as a basis for the success of our projects and enhancing the growth of our investments.


Our vision is represented by the principles of the founder of Al Rais Investment, which guide us to achieve well-established businesses and investments with a distinguished reputation that reflect our lofty values within and outside the Emirati community.



We are distinguished by creative thinking and the ability to find new and effective solutions


All actions and decisions we take express our commitment to integrity and honesty


Transparency and clarity are the foundation of every dealing with us


We always strive to achieve the highest levels of performance and quality in everything we do

Positive participation

We are committed to contributing to building an atmosphere of cooperation and positivity

Community Development

We strive to support the development and improvement of the communities with which we interact

These values reflect our commitment to social sustainability and strong ethics in all aspects of our business, and are the basis for making decisions and guiding company behavior with the aim of achieving leadership and positive impact on society and customers.